The Sasol Bursary Programme offers bursaries on the basis of a service-binding (work back obligation after graduation) contract. Applications may be submitted for one of the following fields of study:

Undergraduate studies:

B Eng or BSc Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Mining Engineering
B Sc
Chemistry (Masters compulsory)
Geology (Hons compulsory)
Metallurgy (Hons compulsory)
Postgraduate studies:
Masters and PhD bursaries in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
University of Technology:
Electrical Engineering
Process Instrumentation
Mechanical Engineering
Mine Surveying
Note: No bursaries are awarded in fields of study not listed above. Bursaries are not necessarily awarded in each field of study every year. Applicants should submit an application based on a real interest in the field and must be a South African citizen.

Candidates wishing to apply for the Sasol undergraduate bursary must meet the following minimum requirements:

Learners currently in Grade 12 or candidates in their 1st year of study in 2020 must have the following

  • Mathematics 70%,
  • Physical Science 70%, 
  • English 60%, and
  • must have obtained a pass in all other subjects.

Students who are currently enrolled for BSc or BEng  (have completed  at least the 1st year of study at a university) must have the following:

  • A minimum of 50% in all subjects registered in 2019.
  • Note that priority is given to students with exceptional academic records.

Applicants may apply online before 30 April 2020.

Please note:

  • Only South African citizens will be considered.
  • Sasol does not offer bursaries to individuals studying at a private University.
  • Sasol does not offer bursaries to individuals studying part time.
  • Candidates who are awarded for a specific field of study may  not change the particular field of study.
  • Candidates may only study at an approved university.
  • Change of institution is only allowed after written approval is obtained from Sasol.

Who can apply?

Grade 12 learners must have achieved the following marks in:

BEng and BSc

Required subjects % Level
Maths 70 6
Science 70 6
English 60 5
If you are already studying towards the degree course for which you are applying for a bursary, you must have passed all courses for which you have registered at the university for the study period already completed.

Applications must be for full-time studies towards an academic degree at an accredited South African university.
Applicants must be South African citizens with a valid ID number.
All applicants invited to attend an interview must be willing to undergo psychometric testing.

Any bursary awarded is subject to the condition that the candidate’s end of year results in Grade 12 (if currently in matric) or end of year results at university (if currently studying at university) do not differ substantially from the results presented during the application process.

Sasol reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a Sasol bursary if the candidate performs substantially weaker academically than the academic performance presented during the application process.

Candidates applying for the 2020 Undergraduate, University of technology and Postgraduate bursaries must apply by 30 April 2019.
How to Apply
Apply Online for the SASOL Bursary / Scholarship Programme

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