How to apply for low costing housing(RDP)

What criteria must I fulfill in order to qualify for a RDP house?
All applicants must meet the following criteria:
Be a South African citizen or have a permanent residence certificate
Barried, cohabiting with a partner or single with dependants
Have never owned property
Have never received a Government Housing Subsidy
Be 21 years or older
Joint household income should not exceed R3 500 per month.
When will my informal settlement be relocated or upgraded?
You can contact your area Ward Councilor to enquire about the status of your settlement. You will need to provide the name of the settlement, the area in which it is located and the road or street used to access the settlement.
We need toilets in our informal settlement as there is no proper sanitation.
You need to liaise with your local Ward Councilor who will make representation on your behalf to the relevant department within the municipality.
I wish to sell my land to the Municipality for housing development. What should I do?
Your written intention to sell can either be hand delivered to 13th Floor, Shell House, 221 Anton Lembede Street (Smith Street), Durban. Provide as much detail of the land as you can, including a cadastral description, street address, rate number and where it is situated. Also provide your contact details including your telephone numbers. The Planning Branch will evaluate the land’s suitability for housing development.
How do I go about making an application for a house?
The Housing Unit develops various types of projects for example, In situ upgrade, Greenfield, Social Housing (Rental), Rural, and so on.
The large majority of projects are: In situ upgrade – Involves the upgrading of informal settlements where the land is suitable for development. Subsidies are allocated to existing residents and where certain residents are not accommodated due to them being in the way of services, they will be relocated to Greenfield projects.

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