Tiger Brands: Graduate / Internship Programme 2021

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

The Tiger Brand Management Training Program is a 24-month accelerated development program for recruiting Btech candidates, demonstrating the potential to achieve leadership positions within the organization. MTs from various disciplines are selected and adopted through a structured blended learning program that intends to prepare them for roles within the organization.

What are we looking for at the Tiger Brand Management Stage?

Successful candidates in the program will have the desire to build a career at a leading FMCG company, have a good academic record at an accredited institution and have recently completed a three or four year higher degree.

Management Internship programs must show the potential for high performance and innovation in their qualifications, have not worked full time in their field of study (more than a year, not including work experience), must have computer literacy in MS Word and Excel and have a valid driver’s license .

Types of qualifications that contribute to enrolling in the College of Higher Education include:

Engineering: BSc / BEng Degree (mechanical, chemical, industrial and electrical)
Supply Chain: BCom Degree (Logistics, Supply Chain)
Human Resources: BCom Degree (Human Resources, Industrial Psychology)
Business Issues: First Degree (Corporate Governance, Finance, Business Development. Communication, Strategic Communication, Journalism)
Marketing: Basic Level (Master of Marketing)
Client: BCom degree in business or similar fields (entrepreneurship, finance, business management, etc.)
Africa: Business Management, Finance, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing
Here are the minimum requirements you need to meet:
Citizens of the country of employment
Appropriate diploma
Completion of research studies would be helpful
High ambition and self-motivation, supported by a strong desire for a career in FMCG, within Tiger Brands
Leadership and teamwork
They really showed the potential for high performance and innovation throughout the qualification
They did not work full time (more than a year, no work experience) within their field of study
Recently completed colleges
Under 25 years
Work permit in the country where the application is made
Geographic Mobility – throughout the training program you are moving to different places and you need to move
Expertise in Microsoft Office
He must have a valid driver’s license.
How to apply

Tiger Brands: Graduate / Internship Programme 2021

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