Gauteng Office of the Premier: Graduate / Internship Programme 2020

Location: Johannesburg

Stipend: R5000

Gauteng Office of the Premier is offering Internship opportunities for a
period of 12 months with a monthly stipend of R5000 per month in the
following fields:

Provincial Communication Services
Corporate Communications [x5]
Marketing / Communications / Media Buying & Planning / Social
Science / Website Development / Video Graphic or Technology /
REFS / 004857

Strategy & Media Liaison [x3]
Public Relations Management / Media Studies / Journalism /
Communication / Social Science
REFS / 004859

Development Communications [x2]
Public Relations Management / Communications / Community
Development / Events Management
REFS / 004860

Branding & Marketing [x2]
Marketing Management / Graphic Design
REFS / 004864

Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring & Evaluation [x4]
Public Administration / Public Management & Governance / Human
Sciences / Information Science / Monitoring & Evaluation / Public
Policy / Development Studies / Political Sciences / Research /
Statistics / Administration
REFS / 004865

Provincial Planning
Development Planning [x1]
Town & Regional Planning / Geographic Information Systems /
Geo-Informatics / Geography / Project Management /
REFS / 004866

Land-Use Management
National Diploma, BA Degree, B Tech, Honors, Masters in Town &
Regional Planning/ Project Management/ Administration/ Developmental
REFS / 004867

Geographical Information System
National Diploma, BA Degree, B Tech, Honors, Masters in Geographic
Information Systems/ Geo-Informatics/ Geography/ Project Management/
Administration/ Developmental Studies
REFS / 004868

National Diploma, BA Degree, B Tech, Honors, Masters in Public
Administration/ Public Management & Governance/ Human Sciences/
Monitoring & Evaluation/Public Policy/ Development Studies/
Political Sciences/ Administration
REFS / 004869

Executive Support & Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Management [x3]
Public Policy & National Diploma, BA Degree, BCom, , B Tech,
Management Research / International Relations / Intergovernmental
Relations & Governance / Public Administration / Economics /
International Marketing
REFS / 004870

Legal Services [x2]
LLB / B JURIS BPROC / Bachelor of Law
REFS / 004872

Executive Secretariat
National Diploma, BA Degree, B Tech, Honors, Masters in Public
Policy & Research/ International Relations/ Intergovernmental
Relations & Governance/ Public Administration/ Economics/
International Marketing/ Social Sciences/ Administration
REFS / 004871

Corporate Management
Information System & Information Technology [x2]
Information Technology Senior / Higher Certificate A+ and N+,
REFS / 004858

Strategic Operational Support [x3]
Public Management / Administration / Social Sciences with
Monitoring & Evaluation / Auditing
REFS / 004873

Employee Health & Wellness [x2]
Psychology / Industrial Psychology
REFS / 004874

Financial Management [x2]
Cost & Management Accounting / Financial Management /
Accounting / Logistics
REFS / 004877

Supply Chain Management
National Diploma, BA Degree, BCom, B Tech, Honors, Masters in Supply Chain Management/ Purchasing/ Logistics Management.
REFS /004878

Internal Auditing and Risk Managment
National Diploma, BA Degree, BComm, B Tech, Honors, Masters in Risk Management / Internal Auditing / External Auditing.
REFS /004881

Human Resources Management [x3]
Human Resource Management / Management of Training / Labour
REFS /004882

Institutional Development Support & Integrity Management
Service Delivery [x2]
Public Management & Governance / Public Management / Political
REFS /004883

Integrity Management
National Diploma, BA Degree, B Tech, Honors, Masters in Public
Management & Governance/ Public Management/ Political Studies/
REFS / 004884

Transversal HR [x2]
Human Resource Management / Public Administration / Public
REFS /004885

Transformation [x1]
Social Sciences / Events Management / Research
REFS /004886

DG’s Office
Administration [x2]
Public or Business Administration / Management
REFS / 002230

All applicants must be:

Between the ages of 18 – 35 years
African citizen
Gauteng Province Residence
Unemployed graduates who have NOT participated in an internship
programme in government
Students who have completed their academic theory and are in need of
Experiential Training in order to earn their qualifications
Studying or have studied at a recognized institution of higher learning
in the Republic of South Africa
How to Apply
The following documents should accompany your application:

Z83 Form obtainable on the DPSA website: or any Government
Letter indicating placement area and motivation letter
Curriculum Vitae
Certified copies of Identity Document, Senior Certificate &
Qualifications including academic transcript
Faxed or Emailed applications will NOT be considered. Applicants can forward
/ su

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